I got my undergraduate education primarily from Hamburg, studying Math and Philosophy (the latter mostly with Wolfgang Künne). Previously, I had spent a semester in my hometown Oldenburg, where I was introduced to the philosophy of Karl Popper, which was probably the reason I fell for contemporary analytic philosophy. After my time in Hamburg I went to Oxford to do the BPhil and started to work with Dorothy Edgington on conditionals. I joined the Phlox group in Berlin for my Phd, working with Benjamin Schnieder and being co-supervised by Edgington. It was a bit like a dream coming true when I moved to Barcelona to do a post-doc, as I always hoped to be able to spend some time in the Mediterranian. From 2013-2016 I was in Tübingen, a beautiful town in the south of Germany, working with Thomas Sattig. Since spring 2016 I am back in Hamburg as a junior professor and PI of a research project on knowledge and decision.

A complete CV can be found here.