I am a professor for theoretical philosophy at the “Technische Universität” Dresden. My research centers around decision theory, epistemology and the philosophy of logic and language. I have a side interest in metaphysics, particularly grounding, and I am currently trying to understand some aspects of Practical Philosophy better  which matter for a theory of rationality.

I have recently completet a project entitled “Knowledge and Decision” which looked at various issues at the intersection of epistemology and decision theory (for more, see here). It was funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) as part of their Emmy-Noether program.

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I also like conditionals, including counterfactuals. I am very much interested in better understanding their relation to conditional probabilities. For quite a while I have been revising my PhD thesis to turn it into a book manuscript. It came out with OUP in 2017. You can find a review for NDPR by Holger Andreas here, a review for AJP by Charles B. Cross here and a review by Justin Khoo for PhilReview here.

In terms of non-academic activities, I like to bake bread and I follow the rough fate of my favourite football team Werder Bremen closely. The pictures you see in the header are from a kite-surfing trip to Egypt. My partner is a philosopher, too – you can check her out here.